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Your skin is the largest organ in your body. Choose what you put on it with care! All soaps are free of petroleum by-products, sulphates, parabens, and the "dirty dozen" toxic chemicals as listed by David Suzuki, as well as the "Toxic Ten" listed by Environmental Defence.

Stress Less

Make use of the therapeutic benefits of essential oils to bring balance to your body, mind & spirit. Science shows Lavender to reduce stress, alleviate anxiety, lower blood pressure and decrease stress.

Personal Care

Follow Hippocrates admonition to "First, Do no harm." Use products that are free of toxic chemicals, & naturally sourced.

First Aid

Aromatherapy solutions for life's little irritations. Whether you have a headache, a cold or 'flu, a rash ~ nature's pharmacy can help.

Mom & Baby

Safe products are especially important during pregnancy. Baby is small, and has delicate skin. Products here are the purest of the pure. You can have peace of mind knowing that your baby is not absorbing any harmful toxins.

Gifts Galore

A selection of pre-packaged gift items for all occasions. Something suitable for all ages....either gender. Attractively collected in a silver organza gift bag...ready for giving! You pay only for what is inside.Always feel free to construct your own gift package. Just select which items you want in it, and, email me with the list requesting a gift. Wrapping is free!

Too Good to Ignore

My research often leads me to discover items that are of significant value, and in keeping with my philosophy of cleaner living, without sacrificing efficacy. Although not made by eScential Wellness, I feel obliged to offer you some products of outstanding quality and value. Not to be missed!

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