Getting Some Attention!

We are so thrilled to be featured in some recent blog posts!

PetiteVie parenting blog reviewed our favourite baby products: Baby Bum Butter, Skin Rescue Ointment, and our moisturizing Hand Cleanser. Beautiful photos and review. Read it here. We aren't alone in thinking that every diaper bag should carry these items! The travel size Hand Cleanser is perfect for on the go...

In "Lighten Your Laundry Load", Clare Kumar reminds you to #loveyourselfhard and take care of your hands with our DermaCare Skin Salve. Love!

Canadian life-style magazine 'So Fawned' reviews three of our products: Headache Help, Quick Calm, and DermaCare Skin Salve. Check out the full review here. We totally agree that these products can help get you through a cold weather funk.

And finally, 'Her Real View' blog (a blog about womanhood and everything in between) takes on Headache Help, Quick Calm, and Skin Rescue Ointment in another review. Read it here