New website, new chapter!

I'm so so excited to be announcing the launch of my new website (don't you just love it? I know I do). This launch marks the beginning of a new chapter for eScential Wellness. Earlier this year I sold off the "beauty product" side of my modest business so I could focus my efforts on getting Health Canada certification and Natural Product numbers for a smaller number of my most popular and effective first-aid and personal care products. There was paperwork and paperwork and even more paperwork (oh and there were headaches too...many many headaches). It has meant moving production for some of my products from in-house (literally!) to Health Canada certified labs and scaling up in size. Since I formulate all of my products, this has also meant a lot of back and forth to make sure they are just perfect (read: more headaches!). But I know the science behind essential oils and I'm passionate about having a clean and effective product, so nothing short of perfect will do. Now fast forward to today and here I am, products in hand, ready to push my little business and see where it goes. I'm excited and nervous about taking this next leap. It's scary to push the limits. The higher we reach the farther we have to fall. But I'm also proud and confident. Because you know what? For all that hard work, these products really work.They really do (aren't plants amazing?). And what's more, many of them are without rivals. Where else can you turn for a non-pharmaceutical, toxin-free alternative for headaches, anxiety, or nausea? That's right, nowhere. I'm confident because I know that what I deliver is a quality product, made with the purest ingredients so that you can feel good about what you put on and in your body. I'm confident because I know that what the world needs is gentler solutions to life's ailments, and that eScential Wellness provides them beautifully and professionally. So with confidence and a little bit of giddy trepidation, I open this new website, and new chapter, and invite you to join me in my mission to live well, naturally. - Nancy