Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the products made? All products are formulated by owner Nancy Scott and made in Canada. The Skin Care line is still made by hand, in Burlington, Ontario. Products with Natural Product Numbers are made in a Health Canada regulated clean lab in Alberta, as per Health Canada regulations. 

Are they certified organic? We strive to use certified organic and Fair Trade ingredients where possible. As a result, the majority of our products contain a high percentage of organic content as noted on the label. However, not all ingredients are available as certified organic. Organic ingredients are identified as such in the ingredient list. 

How long do the products last? All products are dated with a Best Before date. This is typically 2 years, sometimes 3 years. When stored properly (out of intense heat and sun) products should have at least a 24 months life span from when they were made. Required by Health Canada, these are guidelines. Many products will be perfectly fine well past their Best Before date. If a product smells "off", or changes in texture or consistency, it should be thrown away.

Are your products safe for children? Aromatherapy is an evolving modality. As we gain new evidence, best practices are changing. It is now considered unwise to use any essential oils on children under age 2 years. Essential oils may, with great caution, and at your own discretion, on children under 6.

Are your products safe to use during pregnancy? As we learn more about essential oils, best practice now recommends not using essential oils when pregnant up until labor and delivery. Although there has never been a reported incident of harm, certified aromatherapists prefer to err on the side of caution and safety. Always follow your doctor's recommendations.

Can essential oils be safely ingested? Regardless of the many arguments made in favor of ingesting essential oils, it simply is a bad idea. The answer for this question is too lengthy to discuss here. Suffice it to say that essential oils do not contain any minerals, vitamins, or nutrients and if you are looking to add something to your diet, you are best to use real food. Many oils can interfere with medication you are taking. Citrus oils in particular contain a very high percentage of limonene, which is an organic solvent. It will readily dissolve both styrofoam and rubber.  You should discuss this issue with your physician. None of the eScential Wellness products should be ingested.